Monday, April 11, 2011

Top Two Tuesday

So I have kinda fallen off the Blogger Wagon. I have been MIA, and well these past few days, Im trying to get back on track. I dont have too much to blog about bc Im in a "My Hours @ Work Have Been Cut" funk. So today I decided to participate in "Top 2 Tuesday".

So here goes my top 2. I have decided to do an beverage with and without Alcohol. My most favorite drink that we love, love, love to make at home and chill on the patio with is ....VODKA LEMONADE with a splash of grenadine or Rasberry or Strawberry Syrup. WE LOVE THIS. And all our visitors get addicted to it as well. And as a matter of fact, we just whipped up a few of these for Aaron birthday over the weekend. This my friends is our #1 drink of choice

Next up, is a really bad addiction that I think most of you would agree with.......STARBUCKS!! I didnt have a pic of my fave drink to get from there but I did have a recent pic from a trip there for a yummy Chai Frappe.

But my most fave is the Black Iced Tea with a splash of lemonade :) LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And as a matter of fact, Im only a few stars from getting my GOLD CARD!! @ Starbucks.

So that my friends are my top 2 for this tuesday!!

Happy Tuesday!!


LC said...

You cant' go wrong with Starbucks! lol!

Lulu B said...

Oooh those cocktails look lush! Hoping the sun comes out more so I can have a summer cocktail party. These will be on the menu xx :o)