Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Weekend

Last Saturday was my birthday! I had a GREAT birthday weekend spent with my mom! She flew in from St Louis and spent an entire week with my here in the SUNNY HOT AZ! We had a great time, relaxing, shopping, lunch, grilled out, we were busy busy busy! O yeah, and drank a little wine! Here is what I ended up with for my birthday!
Love the Clarasonic Mia ............

Up next a few pandora charms and a new bracelet from Aaron! My mom got me the double clip. Ive been trying to decide if I really like the double wrap leather. Ive tried lots of different charms and am not loving it. Maybe this double clip might do it!

Aaron bought me a new pandora bracelet. It holds clips only, no charms! Its pretty cute. The blue one I already had. I am really loving my Pandora bracelets. Im finally getting lots of charms and am able to do a theme! One Blue, One Black with 2 toned charms and then the clip one!

I also got some new Toms! Love em, now if it could only get a bit cooler, I could start wearing them!!

It was a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Im sure there are a few Bday gifts I left out!!!