Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Birthday Cake Accident = Cake Pops!

For my "Lovey's" birthday, I wanted to make him a homemade chocolate layer cake. While the cake was cooling, I began doing other house chores. Since I lost track of time, the cake stuck to the pan when I went to flip em out. Can I say BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. As I was about to scrape it all out and throw it out and start all over making a new cake. My mom called. "Dont throw it out" she says, what about making those cake pop things. Ok, so I scrape the cake out and put it in a bowl and set it aside. I started researching cake pop recipes. It seemed a bit overwhelming at the time so I gave up for that moment and proceeded with my cake making. My 2nd attempt at his birthday cake went much better than the 1st. SUCCESS :) And I also made side notes on my recipe for future references. Never again will I have cake stuck to the pan, I will use a timer in the future to make sure it dont cool too long.

Ok, birthday cake done and on with this "Cake Pop" stuff. I did my research and well, didnt really like anything I was finding. It all seemed so lengthy and complicated. And after going through what I just did, I really wasnt in the mood for a long lengthy process. So I kinda put together what a few recipes called for and well, again, SUCCESS :)

Basically, I used my homemade cake, crumbled very fine. Then mixed in chocolate icing (thats what I had on hand) until it looked like this,

and I was able to mix into a ball that would not fall apart. Once on the sheet, refrigerate at min 2 hours.

After 2 hours, I then melted wilton chocolate pieces (from Michaels) and dipped and decorated the pops. It says to dip the stick then push partially into the ball. Then dip in the melted chocolate. Make sure you decorate right away or the chocolate will harden and your sprinkles will NOT stick. I used a shoe box to hold the completed pops. I was going purchase reusable styrofoam at Michaels but it was kinda pricey so I thought a shoe box was the less expensive way to go. And here is the final product......................

They turned out yummy and delish. My friends and co workers that I shared em with seemed to love them very much!

Have you ever made cake pops? Have you tried Starbucks cake pops? My Lovey says mine were way better than starbucks :) I must admit Im kinda glad that the 1st cake failed bc I now know how to make these fun cake pops. I will definitely me baking these in the future with other fun flavors.

Happy Mid Week to all!!


Love Andie said...

Great improvise! Love cake pops!

Heather said...

Those look so yummy! I've made cake balls before, but never cake pops...and mine have never turned out so pretty!

jacquelyn said...

those look yummy :)

Lulu B said...

These look incredible! Definately going to try this xx :o)