Saturday, February 26, 2011

5 Things I Can Not Live Without

I copied this from another blog. There are many things Im addicted to, many come and go. But these 5 things for me are a must...........

My Iphone, this thing is my go to. I would not know what to do without it. And Im sure those of you that recently have gotten one knows exactly what I mean.

I work in the health field and wash my hands constantly. My cuticles get yucky and I hate the feel of dry hands. This is my go to hand cream from Bath and Body Works and I love it.

Next up is my diamond earrings. Recently one of my backs came loose so I have not been wearing them until I get a new back bc Im too worried I will loose em. So Im thinking maybe tomorrow I will finally go.

I NEVER leave home without a BIG cup of ice water and this is my new favorite cup.

And my final must have is iced tea. I love to get iced tea, passion ice tea, or ice tea with a splash of lemonade at starbucks. But I also LOVE to make my own Teavana at home. And this is my tea with my new cozzee :) @ a recent visit to starbucks!

And that is that! Hope you are all having a great day!


"Just go with it"

Ok, let me tell you, I NEVER go to the movies. And this month, I will be going today for a 2nd time. How exciting for me, LOL! Sad but true. I always wanna see stuff but then end up seeing it on DVD long after the DVD is released. Im a movie slacker. I love em and enjoy my chic flixs but never go. My sig other took me for Heart Day, and today Im meeting a very special friend for breakfast, and catch up time. Then off to see this we go................

Hope you all are having a fantastic SATURDAY!!!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Very Special Day

Happy Birthday To The Most Adorable Little Diva

I just wanted to take a quick moment to speak wonderfully about the cutest little Diva baby girl ever. Meet Lily Jean...................

She is the most adorable little baby girl! Today she turned one and it makes me sad because she is so far away from me! I still have not been able to see her. I really need to get to St Louis soon and see her. She is getting so big and I want to see her while she is such a still a baby. So Im thinking I need a quick trip to St Louis soon!!!

Happy Birthday Lily!

And Happy Thursday to all my blog friends! Friday is right around the corner!!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Have I Been Loving?

Ok I know I have been MIA. Back to work and busy. I love following Blogs more than posting. :) But today I had the day off work and went to lunch at one of my favorite places and took my missing gallbladder for a test drive. It was risky but I figured if my body didnt tolerate it, I had the day off. So me and my auntie headed to one of our favorite lunch spots. She was working but I rescued her away for a short time. We both ordered the exact same thing, Buffalo Chicken Ceasar Salad! Extra croutons bc they make their own and they are delish. So the good news is, my missing gallbladder had NO PROBLEMS. Yay for being able to eat my favorite salad again. Thank you Dr Chee!!

Then later in the day I headed to Starbucks with my little guy Eli. And tell me if this isnt the CUTEST starbucks drink you ever did see?? I ordered it from Etsy and I am so loving it.

The next thing I am loving is my new dish washing gloves! Yeah, I know so old fashioned right. Well, let me tell you, it really saves my nails if they are freshly polished. I have only used 'em a few times but they are super cute and serve a great purpose.

And the best thing is that my Brazilian Sister (exchange student that my family hosted many years ago), sent me a package all the way from Brazil and after a long wait, it FINALLY arrived in the USA. Yay to that! She sent me the cutest pair of Haviana;s and a cute planner. And I am loving that I have a planner I can write in :)

Thanks a million from many miles away Ana. I love you and miss you so much and hope to make it to see you and my #1 man Mickey Mouse.

And here is a picture from the last visit I had with sister Ana in 2007. We miss her and love her lots ♥ Beijos Sister!!!