Sunday, January 23, 2011

Surgery and Recovery

(Recovering on the patio in style, lol)

Recently, I had surgery for what I hope is the answer to many years of stomach problems. I thought Id share this encase someone that has been through some of the same things as me runs across my blog, maybe it will help another. I have had stomach problems for approximately 2 plus years. I did not have any official testing as my insurance plan had a high deductible. Well at the beginning of this year, 2011, I decided that I was tired of all the pain and problems. I had recently, since november maybe, had 2 episodes of severe pain in the middle of the night. Severe enough that my boyfriend really wanted me to go to the ER. Well I didn't really want to go, being in the healthcare field knowing what would happen in the ER. I just didn't think it was necessary. Well in about 1 hour with each episode, the pain passed. So in January, I decided to see a Gastro Doc. He ordered some basic test, ultrasound to check liver, gallbladder and pancreas, some blood work to check for infection, celiac and I don't know what else and scheduled me for an endoscopy on an upcoming saturday. I had the blood work done that day and the ultrasound a few days later. A few days following, I had a recurrent severe pain episode, again in the middle of the night, but this time with 3 hours of severe pain. Again the boy friend tried to get me to go to the ER but refused saying it would just increase our medical bills and they would do a bunch of unnecessary tests that I just had last week.I missed work the following day and called the GI doc 1st thing. The nurse insisted I make a follow up appt the following day to discuss the ultrasound results before proceeding with the endoscopy that was scheduled for the upcoming saturday. When I saw the doc, he said the ultrasound showed gallstones and this could be the answer to my problems. I think I forgot to mention before I ever decided to go to the GI doc, I was previously diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and reflux disease both by a primary care physician. With the results of the stones, the GI doc recommended an additional nuclear medicine test, a HIDA scan, that shows how well your gallbladder is functioning. The test came back at 30%, 35% -75% is normal. I was then scheduled to see a surgeon to discuss the possibility of having my gallbladder removed. The visit with the surgeon was short and to the point. "You need your gallbladder out" I said ok, lets do you like yesterday. So I was got scheduled the following tuesday. The surgery would be outpatient and I would be ok in a few days, well so I was told.
Today I am 5 days postop and am feeling optimistic. The 1st few days did not go as smooth as I expected. But that is behind us now and I wont go into all the stressful details. I will say that I have had lots of support and prayers from my boyfriend, family, and friends. And I even had a wonderful surprise visit from a very good friend (that lives in New York) sister (that lives here). She dropped off a wonderful get well gift. :) She really made my day bc the day she came I was not doing well and not feeling happy. She brought me the cutest little gift bag (with a cute bow handle and pink tissue paper of course) filled with wonderful girlie stuff to help with a speedy recovery. The bag had, gossip magazine, 2 fun nail colors (a green for the toes and a plum for the fingers) some adorable little hello kitty nail files, and Eat, Love and Pray DVD. And a sweet card with get well wishes of course. Its amazing what a small get well package can do for a girl in the dumps. Thanks a million to Laura and Lisa! You girls are the bestest ever! So I am on the down hill now. I am still hoping the surgery answers all my stomach problems. If not, I am still not disappointed I had the surgery bc at nothing I wont ever wake up with the severe night pains. And from what I understand, if you have a bad gallbladder, its better to take it out on your time and schedule instead of its time and schedule bc it can lead you to the ER with an emergency surgery which no one wants. It can also cause/lead to more severe problems including pancreatitis which NO ONE wants. I have 2 friends that has had it and it is NO FUN at all. So that is my surgery story that I though Id share and here is a cute pic of my get well bag.


Angie said...

I'm glad you found me, I really like your blog! :)
I have to say, a friend of mine had THE EXACT same thing you are going though. She had her gallbladder out a year ago. Hopefully everything goes smoothly for you!

Katie said...

Aw, I hope you start to feel better now! That pain sounds horrible. Good luck with your recovery! :)

Katherine Grant said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope this surgery is the answer to your problems. Get well soon and keep us updated. (Adorable doggie, btw!)