Thursday, January 27, 2011

The LIfe of ELI

Boy do we love this little guy to pieces. He is very spoiled and definitely a family member here. What am I talking about, family member? He is the KING OF OUR CASTLE :) I got Eli in December 2008. He is my 1st Shih tzu and boy is he a wonderful breed to own. He is very adaptable to situations. (sleep, play, bye-bye) Whatever you wanna do, Eli is ready. And I must say he is SMART, and has a FANTASTICLY FUN PERSONALITY. So for my thursday blog, I introduce to you "My Little Prince ELI ".......

The Lovable little Prince, how could a person not love him :)

He LOVES this snake

Chillin in the Shade on a hot AZ day

Lil Grinch needs a late night run for the border, Taco Bell

The cutest Birthday Shirt made with love by ME

O Yeah, He things its ok to sit in the chair while we eat!

Loves, Loves Bye-Bye

Supposedly Aaron got the lounge chair for me??

Heck ya, Stroller shopping with MOMMIE :) And honestly, he thinks we are going for him to get lots of attention.

Lunch @ Wildflower, Eli loves going along. Im pretty sure if he could talk, he would say a doggie stroller is the best invention ever.

Chillin in the park on Coronado Island, Yep, Eli has been to Cali 2 times now

Chillin in the evening on "my" lounge chair
He loves going in his togo bag :)
Mommie and Me in La Jolla, Cali

Not a fan of the ocean but Loves the Beach!
Lazy E

Xmas Shopping, Snobsdale Mall, Mommie and Me

Car rides :)

And I don't know why but, he loves to lay on my back.

Hope you enjoyed "Eli's World"

And Hope everyone had a fantastic Thursday! Until next time, Hugs to all.



The Aly Way said...

such a cute puppy!!!

Elizabeth said... cute! What a great life Eli has! :-)

diana kang said...

how cute!!

Brittany said...

Your dog is so precious! I own a golden retriever named Lua!
I'm a new follower!

cryskay said...

he is adorable. eli makes my heart melt. (: xo

Murdock's mama said...

Look at all of his adorable outfits!! Murdock would LOVE Eli! Thanks so much for finding me blog & I'm your newest follower!! Hope you had an awesome weekend! MM