Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My 1st "What Im loving Wednesday"!! This weds I am loving many things............
1. I am loving the fact that I went to the doc for my 1st post op visit and things are good. Back to work on Monday, I was gonna go tomorrow but since its a slow week they told me to get better and see you Monday. And here is a pic of my WELL WISHES and a Starbucks Gift Card, Danielle you ROCK.

2. I am loving my new fuzzy and warm robe. I have been wanting one for a long time. But in Arizona there are not many months you can use them. But this week gettin outta the shower, I've been COLD. Our masterbath is connected to our bathroom via a walkway and NO DOOR so the warm shower heat escapes. And when I saw this steal at Nordy's on another blog, I knew it had to be mine @ 30 dollars and CUPCAKES = MINE

3. Loving the fact that I will be reading these 2 new magazines tonight!!! The gum is a new flavor, trying it now. Im a sucker for trying all new gum flavors. I would say I like it :) O and how could I forget, hoping that I will be hitting Starbucks soon with the get well gift card. I havent been able to order any and everything since Ive been sick (for the past few months and if I did, I payed for it) so....... Hello Starbucks!

4. Im loving that my 3 free Zoya polishes came this week. Well, I actually got 6. Aaron ordered 3 for me too! Isnt he just the sweetest guy. So, It may be time for a manicure and I will be using my "Hello Kitty" files from my get well gift from the "Santillo Seesters" they are the bestest. One of my ZOYA COLORS is on back order Kelly. But I also got Raven, Demi, Pinta, Valerie, and Lola. Lola will be a pretty toe summer color. This will be my 1st time trying the Zoya, anyone love it? They also sent me a card with their latest colors :) Fun Fun!

5. Im also loving these new warm cupcake PJ/Loungy pants. As you can see, I am LOVING cupcakes this week. Ohhhhlala, Cupcakes is a for sure Love of mine!! I need to make some asap.

6. And I have been loving my nurse and visitior this past week. Thanks to my Lovey, and his job for giving him off time to care for me bc we were misinformed on that one. Aaron has done so much to care for me. He has been running to the store and cooking and helping me get up and down. He is the best "Husband" ever. After the hospital incident, he is my "husband". I have told him over and over how much I appreciate him. The joke all week was "Sure wish my husband could have made it to my surgery". Bc one of the nurses asked something about my "husband", and I said he couldn't make it, lol! :) And well Eli, he loved being home with me all week. Right by myside.

A big AWARD for Aaron and ELi. I love you guys sooo much! If you are reading this LOVEY, I love love love you!!!

I do believe that is all for this week!! O' no, its not. I ran out and got a new bottle of moroccan oil conditioner and I do love that stuff and the hair spray is fantastic. Super lightweight but works well.

So those are this weeks week's loves. I have been doing notta thing but resting. And Aaron has forced me outta the house for some light lunches to get out, walk around and use some energy and/or build my energy level so I wont be too tired when going back to work. And the past 2 days, no naps and no pain meds but having trouble sleeping at night. Not sure why bc like I said, no naps. I am slowly but surely building my energy level back up. Not as exhausting today to shower. And geez, yesterday I was burping for a long time like 3pm to 3am, the doc said its normal and give it 2 weeks. Also still lots of air in the abdomen from surgeyr but his answer "2 week". So lets just say in 2 weeks, Im hoping for a lot. But for now, one day at a time, magazines, comfy clothes, nail polishes and hopefully Starbucks soon!


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Elizabeth said...

Hope you are starting to feel better! :-) I love that robe of yours! So cute!