Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Cheer

Friday was perfect but I blogged too soon. That evening, we decided to go see Christmas lights. Our plan was to grab Starbucks and walk through this neighborhood that apparently has AMAZING lights. I've heard of this before but had never gone. Off to Starbucks and unfortunately it was too warm for a hot drink. So I grabbed a frappe and off to the lights we went.

Wow, we have been missing out. It is so popular, there are even tour buses bringing people in. The amazing thing about this neighborhood is that all the neighbors do such a spectacular job. Each house has a different theme-airplanes, motorcycles, etc. There’s even a house at the end with a backyard Nativity scene that you can wander through. Amazing! And the garages when you walk by. Talk about garage envy-this place will astound you. You can see garages of your dreams. You will see spotless, junk free, floor painted, wooden floors, tiki-bar equipped, beer neon light adorned, and just plain cool garages. Amazing! We had a great time! I'd do it again!

So once again, It was a good Friday! Enjoyed every minute of it. Hope you had a great friday as well!

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