Monday, November 21, 2011

I love Cassandra Erin's Jewelry Line

I'm sure most of you must love jewelry as much as the next girl. And if you do, I have great Jewelry Designer I've been dying to share with you. A couple years ago for Christmas, my parents got me a very nice and cherishable bracelet by a great jeweler in the St Louis area, Cassandra Erin. She designs the jewelry and she does an amazing job. Each piece is very unique, personalized and one of a kind. She recently opened her own shop in Historical St Charles, MO. I know most of you have not a clue what Im talking about but, if you are from the area, I wanted to make sure you knew she has her own cute little shop.
The following was quoted directly from her website:

Cassandra Porlier, owner, designer, and primary metalsmith for Cassandra Erin line, grew up in Florissant, MO. Her mother and business partner, Teri Sallee, also works with her at their St Charles, MO studio. Her work has been featured in the "Best of Missouri" art show at the Missouri Botanical Garden in 2009 and 2010. Cassandra Erin has been featured 2 times on "Show Me St Louis" and the company;s unique "From the Heart" line was featured in a story in the Style section of the St Louis Post Dispatch in April 2011. Current clients' word of mouth advertising has brought attention to Cassandra Erins work, and its inherent uniqueness. A variety of local St Louis celebrities, including news anchors, television and radio personalities, and profession athelets are proud owners of these open of a kind pieces.

Here is a picture of my bracelet from my parents, quote was from my mother and the writing is my fathers. It is a piece I will cherish for a lifetime.

Here is a few more pics taken from her store, during a recent visit there by my mom. The picture in the bottom left corner is a bracelet similiar to mine with a bangle that I have next on my CE jewelry wish list.

One last photo. The top is my bracelet again! Love it so much. And the bottom left is a pendant my mother wears, with her fathers name in his handwriting on her necklace. To me, these pieces are truly amazing and Cassandra Erin does a fantastic job. I said it before and Ill say it once more, I will cherish my bracelet from my parents for eternity!

I hope you have a chance to visit her website and add a few things to your wishlist. Mine continues to grow. Thank you Cassandra for letting me blog about your Unique Jewelry. Hopefully I will get to St Charles soon and visit your new little shop!

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The Aly Way said...

Gorgeous jewelry. The baby feet necklace is going on my list for "push presents" when I have children some day. Great post. I haven't been to Old Town in St. Charles for the longest time. Funny thing is, I've been writing a paper on it for the past three hours. Ironic! Hope you are having a wonderful week!