Sunday, July 10, 2011

End of Week Pics

thought I'd share a few iphone pics with you guys! I didn't do too much this weekend. But to me, thats ok. I love hanging out at home with my "Lovey" and Mr Eli FLuffy! It was a chill weekend in the A/C avoiding the HOT HOT HOT AZ weather.

First up, A few cute pics of my little doggie, a.k.a Mr Eli Fluffy ...............

Next, A few pics of my weekend fashion. I watched a YT video on a very fun curly hair style. I wanted my hair to do the same but, #fail. Bc I did not have the right size curling iron so I used what I had and this is what I got. Along with some pretty Essie blue nails. And lastly, my wrist bling, Dillon Rogers leather wrap, Michael Kors watch, and a silver heart "L" bracelet from my parents..............

This week we had a unique storm called a Haboob.
The following was copied from WIkipedia:
A haboob is a type of intense sandstorm commonly observed in arid regions throughout the world.In the USA, they are frequently observed in the deserts of Arizona, including Yuma and Phoenix,[2][3] as well as New Mexico and Texas.[4] During thunderstorm formation, winds move in a direction opposite to the storm's travel, and they will move from all directions into the thunderstorm. When the storm collapses and begins to release precipitation, wind directions reverse, gusting outward from the storm and generally gusting the strongest in the direction of the storm's travel.
Pictures from my patio.........

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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Marlene said...

OMG I love your doggie, so super cute. I have to of them and I'm sure you know how we love them soooooo.
I just stated to follow your blog, I'm into scrapbooking. Keep on bloging.