Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why Not?

I love to search the web and look at other's blogs, so I thought, why not do my own. I love reading blogs to find fun decorating ideas, make up tips and whatever else fun stuff I run across. Its so fun to share thoughts, and ideas!

So I will start with a few of my favorite things.......

I will with the loves of my life.

My Shihtzu, Eli. He is my bestest littly buddie. He is so sweet and lovable! Aaron and I became a family when I adopted Eli in December 2008. When I brought this little guy into our life, Aaron never knew how much love he would bring. Meet the little guy,

"Little E"

Next, My "Lovey", Aaron. I moved to Az almost 4 1/2 yrs ago and met him right away! We have been together for 4 years and we couldnt be happier :) We have a beautiful home (at least we think so), and a little mini family with our little Eli.
My family. They are still in St Louis, I miss them lots and lots! I am an only child and wish so much that they could live in sunny Az close to me!

And not to foget, my beautiful home. But I kinda already mentioned that above. :)

Also, I have the cutest little cousin (but I call her neice), Lily Jean. And boy is she a little angel sent from above. Im sure I will share a pic or 2 on here of her. And a little cousin ( again I call him nephew), Tanner "Tan~Man". He is getting so big, he was a baby when I moved here to Az and he is already 4 about to be 5 next month. Time is just flying on by!

And now onto the finer necessities in life :) Things and places a girl cant be without!

Starbucks, Target, Mac Counter, Nordies (just to name a few). I love the caramel macchiato, but right now at Xmas time I love the peppermint frappe. Target, well, its just one of those places you cant live without. You can find a bit of everything here! If you dont like Target, I must hear about this. Even the doc I work for says, "Is there a woman that doesnt like Target? Why do you girls like that place so much?" And well the other day while at Nordstrom, I mentioned to my mom if I had to choose one store, Nordies would be IT! <3>

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