Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Tree 2010
Thought I'd share a few pic of my tree, and a few of my favorite ornaments! I just love Christmas and I also LOVE LOVE LOVE decorating my home for the holidays! It can be so much fun! O and did I mention, I really love all my xmas music in my itunes list! So festive!

Our Tree

If you know me, you know my love for Mickey Mouse, I have collected many many many Mickey ornaments through the years. He can be found all over my tree, here are a few of my favorites. :)
Purchased from Hallmark, years ago!!

This is a little Lennox ornament I believe I got from Macys. He is kinda difficult to see!

Cute Bling Peace and Love this Mickey one! I actually have 2 of these Mickeys. This year they sold out at Hallmark before xmas so I purchased one prior for myself. Well my boss got me one too! But thats ok bc, ... I love me some mickey mouse!

My grandma would get me one of these angels every year at Christmas! I continue to get them and add to my collection. They are Mary's Angels, a hallmark collection.

These are my new additions for 2010, the cupcake Hallmark Series is new! And Daffodil, what a sweet little angel.

Ok, so those are a few of my favs! I bought a few last night that I will hopefully get some pics of tomorrow and add! They are my "GaGa" ornaments! Someone heard me say that at the store last night when I was purchasing them and they said "you are right"! O the love for GaGa. I went to her concert this year! It was the BEST show ever! I just love her music and her individuality! So, GaGa ornaments to follow.

My dad got me this one for my last year to toast to 2010, Thanks Dad!

Happy Holidays to all!

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