Friday, March 11, 2011

My Long Weekend!

So I have a long weekend, four long days to be exact. And I have lots Im gonna do. This girl is gonna enjoy every moment of it. I have some errands to run, sun to soak up, a cute Eli to be loved and lots more to keep me busy. Soon Im headed out to one of my FAVORITE stores, Nordy's. I bought some supercute Sam Edelman sandals but I found a similiar pain MUCH cheaper at the rack the same day so these puppies will be going back.

Im also on a search for my favorite K cup, suggestions? Im gonna pick some up today :) Im gonna check out the donut house line a few peep have recommend to try it. So Im on it. Has anyone tried any of the gloria jeans?

And I want to go to bath and body because I so want some SPRING scented candles :) The 3 wick are 2 for $20 and I have a coupon too :)

Next, a new nail polish?? Im thinking of China Glaze "Spontaneous" I do not have any china glaze in my collection. And I love the "For Audrey"! I will see you know what happens when you go nail polish shopping.

It is supposed to be a SUNNY HOT weekend here in AZ so up next will be time for some.......

Happy Weekend All!


Ellie said...

Well I do hope you had a fantastic weekend! Theres nothing better than a weekend with not much to do except pick up some stuff you've been craving ;) Love those flats, and that nail polish!
P.S. your rockstar puppy is TOO CUTE!
Definitely a new follower :)

Kelsey Claire said...

CAn I borrow your nailpolish! That is my FAVORITE shade of purple! I almost went BBW today for the candles, but resisted!